TMC Kreischberg

There is a fine area in the middle of the alps, a fine area to go on your mountainbike. It is on and around Kreischberg, Murau, in the middle of Austria, where you will find astonishing nature to enjoy on your bike.

The legacy of the local bike club is to find trails in this area, to open them up for the community, to share what nature gives. Furthermore we want our youngster to see this nature, to ride a bike – we want to train them to have more fun, to get out there and get lost in the woods, set the mind free, learn for life.

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Verein TMC Kreischberg, ZVR 1778192983
Ahornweg 6, 8861 St. Georgen am Kreischberg
AT48 1420 0200 1097 9960 // ESYATW1